Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

 Once every four years we get an extra day to the year. Until this year leap day was nothing more than just another day. This year it means something more. This year this day bought me an extra day I needed to get taxes paid on my house. Last night we had a very bad storm. For the first  time Nebraska had tornado's making they're way across the state.
We could hear the wind rattling the trees outside fiercely. Most of the night rain plummeted the house. News reports said we were in not just a tornado watch but a Blizzard advisory, and a wind advisory. Living in the country on gravel roads that washout at the first rain drops I feared I would not meet the dead line.
Thankfully I did.
As we often think of the coming of March, "It comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." Last official day of February the 28th, the storm would have made that saying come true. Leap day held it off by one day. Tomorrow appears to be nice weather. Some places the jury is still out on that one.
  Today did have a one piece of bad news. My favorite Monkee Davy Jones died this morning.
The Monkee's were my Mother's alternative to the Beetles. She didn't like the Beetles and would not allow their music to be played in the house. That didn't bother me any. I was never a Beetle fan.
 In my teeny bopper days I had my juvenile crushes. I think most young girls did. Davy was always my favorite singer. I just loved his Daydream Believer and Pleasant Valley Sunday. The radio played them at lease three to four times each hour.
Walking with my little transistor radio I could hear it practically the same time every day and know what time it was. Hits always got special treatment. Each time I heard them I had to sing along with Davy. No matter where I was I had to sing with him. He was so much fun to sing with. I learned to dance from American Band stand.
Oh such were the days when times were simpler and we appreciated the things that we had more. Families were closer then to. Leap day though I had a friend who had a birthday on this day. She told me she could only have a birthday only once in four years. By that reckoning she said she was three years old. Whoa, that's a stopper for thought.
Leap Day. 
It's more than just another day added on every four years. This year it means a lot more to me.