Thursday, November 24, 2011


Driving home the other night I had the rare opportunity to drive toward a sunset. Not often when I drive do I get to actually watch one while it's happening. This time I was able to watch it as I drove. Not constantly of course. Just keeping a eye on it while keeping my attention on the road.
It was amazing. The way it was happening was so incredible. It was as if it was set just so that whoever cared to look and watch you could see an amazing site. I first noticed it when I heading into. The clouds catching the glow of the sun just shortly after the last bit of the glow had fallen behind the horizon.
The clouds stretched themselves across the whole length of the sky. They took different patterns not straight lines, some were curved up to appear like curls. Most were streaks in layers spreading outward from the edge of the Sky on the horizon. Each layer caught the glow of the pinkish orange hue of the sunset.
Behind them the last layer was a think band that at first seemed a bit foreboding. As the light faded that foreboding gave way to calm, harmless clouds that stayed dark not letting light threw. The first star of the evening is always Venus. The brightest star to be seen while the light could still let you see everything around you. I always welcome the sight of Venus. The nearest planet to us in the heavens.  It holds the greatest mystery.
It's Venus that you can best see the darkness falling around you. The darker it gets the brighter Venus gets. One by one the other arrangement of the sky show appears around you in all their appointed places. This night thou as I continued to take notice of the sunset the stars didn't appear right away.

The light glow of the sun held on for the longest time. It spread out across the sky divided by that thick band of cloud across the sky. Both sides of it staying the same brightness. It was so strange that it would continue to glow for so long. I knew the night was taking over quickly, but as I watched it seemed to just hang on not yet willing to surrender to the darkness.
The city lights came closer ready to overtake the sky show I was watching. I must admit I wasn't ready to let it go myself. The experience was so wonderful. I just loved it for the whole time I could continue to watch it play itself out. It felt like a private show set up just for whoever cared to take the time to watch.

Nature is so amazing. Taking the time to just watch with the observers eyes you can find the best entertainment anywhere. It's so natural. So beautiful and oh so inspiring. It's priceless.  It truly is. It's one of those rare sites that comes only once. Be observant. And you can enjoy something that will stay with you for ever.
It's one of God's greatest hidden treasures. And it costs nothing but a short time in ones life to take notice of the wonders around you.  What blessing it is.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween and black cats

Halloweens stigma on black cats
Not one of my favorite days. The whole process has really gotten out of hand.  So much superstition involved in this ancient celebration. Frankenstein, Count Dracula, the wolf man and vampires, the list of things associated with evil. How did such a civilized society ever get involved in this celebration of evil?
    I know the majority of people don't see it as evil, We teach our kids the only thing about Halloween is the nightly venture into the night to visit neighbor's houses to trick or treat them. Giving them candy for rewarding them for the visit. Aside from dressing them up in costumes of whatever the current trend is. What does this have to do with Halloween.
    As a kid I went out for all the treats my bag could hold in one night. Putting on make up that looked scary just to collect my ration of goodies for the night. What does this teach our kids? Halloween? Many don't know what it really means. Or how it all got started. History channel once did a news review of this ancient celebration. Even they had trouble researching it to it's beginnings. It seems many such writings do not exist. History only goes back so far and leaves the story with no beginning.
    My real grip for this piece is the latest wave of madness sweeping the country. A very serious misguided belief in superstition centered on this month. And Halloween. For at least the last two years people have taken this unfair superstition a step to far. That is the association of witches and black cats.
    Yes we know witches are evil. As are vampires and ware wolves, mummies and the like. But cats are unfairly judged and ridiculed for this stereo type. The ridicule has lead many people to adopt black cats for the sole purpose of killing them simply because they are black.
    The stigma of evil has caused many to actually believe these animals really are evil. I don't believe these poor animals deserve the stigma that this association with Halloween has set upon them. Witches is questionable weather they are real. TV and movies has most people believing witches and vampires are real. Add to that they use the old stereo type of the black cats and witches. A recipe for disaster.  
    Cats don't deserve to be treated with such unfounded hatred. Animals have their own nature. Each is different for their own survival. Most times cats are unpredictable. The temperament is what makes them so appealing to the majority of us. We often find a place for them in our hearts and our lives.  There are so many good things one could find to say about cats.

    Why then do people seek to harm them? Because they are black? Because they are just animals and we feel superior to them.
     I'm sure the reasons are as endless as the stars themselves. I won't pretend to understand why people do the things they do. Because I don't. My anger is for the ones who unjustly persecute these animals because of the stigma of Halloween.

    I love cats. I love animals of all species. They are all special in their own unique ways. So many are being hunted to extinction all 0ver the world. In all their natural environments. There is no place on this earth where animals are safe from the cruelty of our kind.
    This world is a beautiful place so long as we remember we share it with thousands of other lifeforms on this Earth. We are the care takers of it. By Gods intention we were given the gift to care for the animals on this Earth.  If we take this literally then why have set in motion the design to be come it's ultimate destroyer?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Day At The Fair

     Summer is a fun time to enjoy the sunshine, sunny day's, carnival rides hot dogs, demo derby's, and the concert;s. My favorite thing to do is go to a concert.  What a treat that is. This year for the first time since I was a child I went to the state fair.  it was hot and humid that day. But oh so much fun. Seeing all those people going in, searching for parking spaces is often a real hassle. I thought it was a pain hunting for spaces in the shopping mall. The fair, that is something you had to really do to see what it does to you. Even with them guiding you to the only spot in the whole lot, there is always someone to come along and snatch it up ahead of you.
     The concert was the most fun I've had in along time. Seeing such a wonderful singer sure is an experience I will not forget. Such a wonderful, warm person as Crystal Gayle is an honor to meet.  Her music is so pleasant to listen to no matter what time of day or how you feel. She has that rear gift that can lift your spirits from any place your at. Her hair is beautiful. I had long hair myself. In this heat it really does get so hot when it's down. And so heavy. I was so relieved when I got it cut. Mine was not that long. But still it was a lot of trouble to keep it combed all the time. worse when it was hot.
     She makes her concerts so much fun. One of the band members was from Wales. The instrument he played was something new. I don't remember what it was called. I found out later her band is the first to use it. Which is really cool. My only regret is that we didn't get the chance to meet her.
     The fair had some animals from the zoo. They had rides on camels. A petting zoo exhibit as well. So many things to see. That is the fun part of being at the fair. All week concerts is a blast. It was truly fun. I didn't plan on going this year but after going I am now glad I went. It was SOO worth it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Musings

The last few weeks has really been trying. So much has happened that I am still trying to make sense of it. In truth though I know there is no sense to it. Such things are not meant to be understood. It just boggles my mind to think how people in a position of trust could callously do harm to unsuspecting souls placed in they're trust. Right under the noses of those they work with.
I can't really write down those things I am trying to talk about right now. Sorry if what I say doesn't make a lot of sense now. I just need to write something about it. It's just so troubling. On top of all the other stuff my family has had to suffer these past months. It just boggles my mind how we managed to get through it. Things never seem to get better for us.
With the economic times bearing down on so many around us. It plays a big part in our present troubles. I like to keep a strong optimistic outlook on all that is going on with my family. This new turn of events really puts a different perspective on things. Broken trust once broken can never be restored. When that trust is in a person in a position of respect within a certain profession puts a different perspective on things.
you'll never look the same way at that fellow person of that same profession again.
I received an email today from a friend that lifted my spirit for a time. Good friends are like that.These are the times when we really need friends the most. The strength and encouragement of a friend when we need them most. It's really blessing to have friends there when you need them. Especially when they say just what you need to hear not knowing you needed to hear it at the time they say it to you.
Thank God For Friends

Friday, February 18, 2011


Nature is wonderful. All around us we see how the wonders of life interact with one another in the most incredible ways. February is often called the in between month in the mist of winter.
January is always the coldest and the harshest in the winter. We often see the worse the old man of winter tends to throw our way.
From late December until late March to early April we feel it the longest. January catching the most of it. March catches the wrath of a reluctant child not wanting to give up it's hold on freedom. March winds bring in it's own share of bad stuff to remind us that we should not be to quick to give up our winter coats just yet. More may still be lurking in the shadows of uncertainty.
February though is set to tease us with it's passiveness. The one month often forgotten between the fury of January and the wrath of March. Winter lingers through February teasing us with it's cold freezing temps while tempting us with it's brief relief of spring winds blowing the waves of new life across the lands.
This month has been a full taste of just how February teases us with it's in betweens. For the week we have felt the pleasant welcome of a relaxed winter. Tempting us with it's fifty degree temps in the daytime. Melting the snows of January's fury. Nature comes to life reeling in it's warmth taking advantage of this short lived reprieve.
Flocks of migrating geese fly to new feeding grounds along the river. Corn fields cut low enough to leave enough of it's harvest behind for the birds to fatten themselves for the migration across the land.
A large flock of turkey's lay in a field of prairie grass basking in the cool of the day. Under the comfort of a tall tree barren of it's leaves for the winter's sleep. The protection of the trees let's them enjoy the prairie grass bed for a time providing them needed rest and food in abundance around them.
Deer know the times well. When a herd of white tail bucks can leisurely graze in corn field in the late dusk of the day. Without fear from they're most dangerous predator to it's existence lingers ever watchful of their movements. To see them run jumping over fences in it's desperate attempt to flee to the protection of the stand of evergreen trees a meir one hundred yards.
February has the rare chance to bring forth one of natures most treasured of all joys. The chance emergence of new life. February doesn't often see new life come forth. With the cold winds lasting long into March.
Today brings forth that rare moment of joy to a new mother cat bring forth her first liter of kittens. Still very much a kitten herself the mother born of the natural instincts follow through as she goes on with the process.
While in a distant part of the state the cycle of life completes itself. With one life being born another is ending. There is no suffering with this death, no regrets. One is able to say goodbye. A beloved brother with family gathered to witness the final moments.
Life begins for one, young mother tending her young ever so tenderly. Another leaves with peace and surrender. Life indeed is so precious. Birds, deer, cats, people. Just a small group of inhabitants that join together in a most unusual way to embrace the season. Of love that is best known for February.
God brings life upon this world. Not always in loud shouts of hoopla. He doesn't always end life with cruelty. The joy and wonder of life is indeed unexpected and joyful. But it does promise to be memorable.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Apollo" Big Surprise

This is a short story I worked on awhile back but never finished. So I thought today I would finish it.

Apollo's Big Surprise
Anise Cassell

One of Apollo's favorite games is to pounce and nip when he would go on his afternoon walk with his best friends. Hootie the toy rat terrier had been his best friend since he first came to live on the family's farm when he was a pup. Collies need lots of open space to run. Most afternoons he would go for walks with his mistress and the older dachshund Cocoa and Hootie.
They would always walk in the fields behind the family's house keeping them away from roads and traffic. Apollo would run ahead of the others with Hootie not far behind. The two loved exploring as much open grass as they could. Apollo would double back and pounce on Hootie nip her behind the ears. Hootie would growl back at the over sized collie to send him on his way.
Their play made the walks enjoyable for the mistress. Cocoa let the collie know right from the start that she would not put up with nipping games. Once a mother the dachshund could promptly let the young pup know she meant business.
Apollo learned then not to cross the old girl. For his size he could easily rebel and start a real fight. The walks meant to much to him to give his mistress reason not to take them with her. He loved his mistress. He loved his time with Hootie just as much.
This walk was different. Cocoa always wondered off by herself exploring new smells in the furthest places from the others. Apollo newer intruded upon her spots. But something attracted him to this one. Cocoa suddenly started digging intently at the spot eager to dig up whatever was hidding from her.
Apollo smelled something in the earth that aroused his interest. He was not a digger. He rather leave the digging to others who were more apt to it. Coca's digging made Apollo join her search. Most times he would stand and wait for the prise to come jumping out at them. He would be the first to claim it. That always angered Cocoa. For which she would promptly nip him just to show him she would not stand for him snatching her fought for prize.
Apollo rolled his head back running away from her with the prize so she could not get it back. He would end up having to fight Hootie for the prize. She could always take it from him. Once it was dropped Hootie would snatch it up fast and run away before he could catch her.
The prize this time had a very different smell. Not like any he had uncovered in recent days. Apollo was eager to claim it this time. Whatever was hiding in the side of the hill Apollo's nose would dig it out. Dachshund's nose were much more finely tuned. Dachshund could uncover foxes in their holes for special hunts and badgers for which they get they're names.
Neither of those animals had ever been found on the farm. On occasion the badgers have been seen far from the farm making it's way across corn fields. But none so close to the family home. Skunks were far more common in these parts as are raccoons.
Apollo never failed to go to his mistress when she called him. This time he was to engrossed in his digging the hear her call. Hootie joined them. The small rat terrier eagerly joined in opposite Cocoa. She didn't like Hootie. So Hootie kept her distance.
"Polly what are you looking for big buy?"
Apollo felt the mistress hand gently pull him back. She knelt on one knee beside him to get a look at the hole they were digging. It was deep now. The dirt they were throwing back behind them had uncovered a tunnel. The digging had made it collapse under the pressure.
A mother field mouse jumped out at the dogs suddenly caring one baby in her jaws. She quickly dashed into the cover of tall grass stalks slipping away from the home wreckers before the dogs saw her. Apollo wanted to pursue her but the hold his mistress had held him fast.
He licked her cheek. The time for their walk was over. Apollo didn't mind. He had the best day ever. A field mouse escaped wasn't the disappointment it should have been. Sharing a dig with the old dog Cocoa and Hootie not only a surprise but to him it was his happiest moment in a dogs life.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

John 3:16

Today I listened to a couple of stories on the verse John 3:16. This was my very first bible verse I ever memorized when I was a child. It's one of those verses that on the surface just seem like just a line in the bible. But if you look closer at it you'll see it's more than that.
The first story I heard was of a little homeless boy selling newspapers on the street to survive. The night was getting cold and the boy went to a policeman to ask where he could sleep to be safe and warm. The officer pointed to a house and told him to go there and tell the woman who answered that John 3:16 sent him.
He did and the woman welcomed the boy in, gave him a warm place to sit before giving him a meal, a bath and a warm comfortable bed to sleep in. At the end of the piece the boy wondered what John 3:16 meant. He was grateful that it had provided for him all the things he needed.
When the woman try ed to explain to him what it meant, she couldn't.
The verse is the summation of the bible. The story is the verse in action.
God sent his only son willingly, freely, as the sacrificial lamb. He lived on Earth with us humans for such a short time. Living a mans live. Not a God man's life. But a human man's life. He gave up his divinity to put on humanity so show us that a life with God is very real. He was a teacher, a son, a man, who one day became our greatest spiritual leader the world has ever received.
He came as a baby one cold night, born in a stable, to the very lowest ones, who needed him most. The ones best able to accept him as he was.
Yes was a king, but that was not his mission. He didn't come to claim anything. He chose willingly, freely, to do exactly what he came to Earth to do. To fulfill the Holy Scriptures so we could stand before The Father free from the sins that have been with us since the time of Adam and Eve.
When we give to those in need we are doing what Jesus did when he was here. Living what he taught us. Humbling ourselves to help those in need. It's a blessing for us to put Jesus teachings to work. God blesses all those who give unreservedly, without thought of self.
When we really look at John 3:16 we will see the great sacrifice both God and HIS ONLY SON, planing, in advance, for this very fall that man had so long ago. That left it's crimson stain upon all people, Jesus choose, willingly, unreservedly, sacrificing himself, to pay the ultimate price to save a fallen race from the penalty or consequences of that sin.
Upon that rugged old cross Jesus paid the debt for all. Once. One time FOR ALL TIME.
Kindness is the total opposite of hate. Kindness shown is kindness returned.
The little boy saw it in action. He felt a full tummy, a warm bath he had never had before, and warm, clean bed inside a nice safe home with people who cared. That taste often is what it takes to help people to see just how good the Lord truly is.
When the verse is written out we can see a message hidden in those words.

For God so lo V ed
that He g A ve
His on L y
b E gotten
so N
tha T
who so ever w I ll
shall N ot
p E rish

VALENTINE. The symbol we use today to show love for one another.
This verse tells the sum total of the bible story itself. The GREATEST LOVE the world has ever known came to SEEK AND TO SAVE A LOST WORLD from their own sins. And RETURN them to God from which WE ALL came from.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gods Touch

The last several days the news has been airing the stories of the mass bird and fish deaths all over the world. There is so much talk of all this being signs of terrible catastrophes yet to come. It really distresses me how quick we are to blame God for all this.
I read a devotional from someone the other day that really makes sense. I'd like to share it with you. The reading was about Elijah looking for God in the world of disasters. It's found in 1 Kings 19:12 'After the earthquake came the fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. But after the fire came the gentle voice.'
The earthquakes we see and hear so often we look at all the devastation and cry why this happened, God in not in the earthquake. We see floods and all the damage they bring, God is not in the flood. Intense winds, now all the birds and the fish that are falling from the sky and washing up on land. These are not caused by God.
God is found in the small things. The gentle whisper in the wind. In the people that find the ones who are spared. God is with the living. When Job faced his trials and lost all his family and then suffered from the boils. All he had to do was blame God and the devil would have stopped it. But Job couldn't. His faith and trust in God saw him through his trials. God was with him every step of the way. So long as Job had faith God was with him.
That is always where God can be found. God is a LIVING BEING. HE is there for the living not the dead. He keeps us always in his care. In our prayers. In the world itself. He is that gentle voice of the wind that speaks ever so softly to us as long we keep our ears and eyes set on him and helping others.
Don't be among those sitting and waiting for the last days. Be among those he will find doing his work. Living among the people. Enjoy the lives we're given.
That is where we will find God. HE will be found in the small things.