Wednesday, February 2, 2011

John 3:16

Today I listened to a couple of stories on the verse John 3:16. This was my very first bible verse I ever memorized when I was a child. It's one of those verses that on the surface just seem like just a line in the bible. But if you look closer at it you'll see it's more than that.
The first story I heard was of a little homeless boy selling newspapers on the street to survive. The night was getting cold and the boy went to a policeman to ask where he could sleep to be safe and warm. The officer pointed to a house and told him to go there and tell the woman who answered that John 3:16 sent him.
He did and the woman welcomed the boy in, gave him a warm place to sit before giving him a meal, a bath and a warm comfortable bed to sleep in. At the end of the piece the boy wondered what John 3:16 meant. He was grateful that it had provided for him all the things he needed.
When the woman try ed to explain to him what it meant, she couldn't.
The verse is the summation of the bible. The story is the verse in action.
God sent his only son willingly, freely, as the sacrificial lamb. He lived on Earth with us humans for such a short time. Living a mans live. Not a God man's life. But a human man's life. He gave up his divinity to put on humanity so show us that a life with God is very real. He was a teacher, a son, a man, who one day became our greatest spiritual leader the world has ever received.
He came as a baby one cold night, born in a stable, to the very lowest ones, who needed him most. The ones best able to accept him as he was.
Yes was a king, but that was not his mission. He didn't come to claim anything. He chose willingly, freely, to do exactly what he came to Earth to do. To fulfill the Holy Scriptures so we could stand before The Father free from the sins that have been with us since the time of Adam and Eve.
When we give to those in need we are doing what Jesus did when he was here. Living what he taught us. Humbling ourselves to help those in need. It's a blessing for us to put Jesus teachings to work. God blesses all those who give unreservedly, without thought of self.
When we really look at John 3:16 we will see the great sacrifice both God and HIS ONLY SON, planing, in advance, for this very fall that man had so long ago. That left it's crimson stain upon all people, Jesus choose, willingly, unreservedly, sacrificing himself, to pay the ultimate price to save a fallen race from the penalty or consequences of that sin.
Upon that rugged old cross Jesus paid the debt for all. Once. One time FOR ALL TIME.
Kindness is the total opposite of hate. Kindness shown is kindness returned.
The little boy saw it in action. He felt a full tummy, a warm bath he had never had before, and warm, clean bed inside a nice safe home with people who cared. That taste often is what it takes to help people to see just how good the Lord truly is.
When the verse is written out we can see a message hidden in those words.

For God so lo V ed
that He g A ve
His on L y
b E gotten
so N
tha T
who so ever w I ll
shall N ot
p E rish

VALENTINE. The symbol we use today to show love for one another.
This verse tells the sum total of the bible story itself. The GREATEST LOVE the world has ever known came to SEEK AND TO SAVE A LOST WORLD from their own sins. And RETURN them to God from which WE ALL came from.

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