Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcome Spring

Spring is an exciting time. All around us the world is reviving itself with new growth. Last week I sat outside to watch the sunset. It was amazing. Just sitting out there as the sun went behind the hill the clouds so fluffy and lite made images that only an observing imaginative mind could see. To me the clouds looked like a race of dogs chasing one another in a pack across the sky. The images were dachshunds in a wiener dog race. It was so cute. The fading light gave them a bland gray with black trim appearance. I didn't count how many I could pick out. But that didn't matter. Seeing images in the clouds is good exercise for a creative mind.
 All around me I took notice of only a few birds that returned. The trees barren of leaves showed the empty nests waiting for the residences to return. High in the branches they looked so empty. The birds took roost in the highest branches of those trees without any signs of nests. So perhaps they were males staking out the ground for the new mating season to return. The song of the evening is so cherry even when they begin to settle in for the night.
   Since the twentieth has come and gone The trees have really begun to make changes. The warm temps have brought up the sap in the trees and the lite green of the early buds opening up for the new emergence of leaves to fill the trees is noticeable.  The flowers are emerging to. The tulips are often the first of the spring flowers to emerge from the ground. Blossoms are full in many fruit trees. White of cherry trees, purple of plum trees. With all the brown of the winter sleep still very much in sight the first signs of springs colors sure look good now.
    Passing a field along the highway near the river I saw the whooping cranes feeding. There numbers fill much of the field as they are sunning themselves in the warmth of the day. Bigger predatory birds have made appearances also near rivers. They look so graceful in flight. Their huge wingspans are so beautiful when they catch the thermals of warm air holding them high in the sky for long periods. I saw an eagle make big wide circles in the distance once. It was so graceful in the pattern it was making. By the way it was gliding it looked very happy with itself up there taking in all that wind and air that was holding it up for long periods of time. I don;t think it finds these winds so accommodating that often. But it does it really makes the most of it.
    Nature in spring is simply amazing. The rebirth all around us transforming the ground is quite exhilarating. It never happens overnight. Always slow, well prepared and very beautiful.  There is so much to see in the world that is truly beautiful. And its all free. Just to go outside and watch it from time to time. Take notice with an observers eye of the things in the world that are being revived for another year. A new season that will hold us in it's embrace all through the summer. No matter what the weather brings the earth itself is preparing itself with rebirth.
    The Earth. What a beautiful world we have been given to live in and to enjoy. We are very lucky people to be so endowed with such wonders of life all around us.