Friday, November 9, 2012

Summer has gone - what next

This year has been one of the most difficult ones we have been through in quite some time. I don't think I have seen one that gave us such a wide range of varying weather conditions as this years has. For the most part it has been a long hot summer.  In the area I live in it has not rained. Not one significant drop since June. A few days before the summer  soltuce was the last time we had any kind of moisture.
It seemed like the day summer started the top of the temperature gauges blew off and the hot vents opened upon the world.  Watching the news reports the world itself had some severe weather that seems impossible to consider a natural disaster.
The poles are melting faster than once predicted.. One news clip I saw showed tourists on a cruise ship off the coast of Greenland  capture on camera a wall of glacial ice brake off falling into the ocean causing a sudden rise in the waves that rippled back against the ship.  In the same segment they showed satellite photos of Greenlands glacier in one weeks time the snows from the first set show the ice to be thick and solid. The next showed the same area but under a different lens focus. I don't remember what they called it , but the blue image revealed how much the snows melted from the summers heat wave.
Ground that hasn't seen the light of day since the flood waters were frozen are now revealing themselves. Secrets long covered by our prehistoric age have been found under these snows.  History of a time long forgotten that gives proof to facts recorded by survivors.
As winter moves in I can't help but wonder what changes are in store for us . Some of our winters have been unusually mild ones. Others have been extremely hard. But that's nature. The unknown. The uncertain is what we live for. It keeps us searching for answers.