Friday, February 18, 2011


Nature is wonderful. All around us we see how the wonders of life interact with one another in the most incredible ways. February is often called the in between month in the mist of winter.
January is always the coldest and the harshest in the winter. We often see the worse the old man of winter tends to throw our way.
From late December until late March to early April we feel it the longest. January catching the most of it. March catches the wrath of a reluctant child not wanting to give up it's hold on freedom. March winds bring in it's own share of bad stuff to remind us that we should not be to quick to give up our winter coats just yet. More may still be lurking in the shadows of uncertainty.
February though is set to tease us with it's passiveness. The one month often forgotten between the fury of January and the wrath of March. Winter lingers through February teasing us with it's cold freezing temps while tempting us with it's brief relief of spring winds blowing the waves of new life across the lands.
This month has been a full taste of just how February teases us with it's in betweens. For the week we have felt the pleasant welcome of a relaxed winter. Tempting us with it's fifty degree temps in the daytime. Melting the snows of January's fury. Nature comes to life reeling in it's warmth taking advantage of this short lived reprieve.
Flocks of migrating geese fly to new feeding grounds along the river. Corn fields cut low enough to leave enough of it's harvest behind for the birds to fatten themselves for the migration across the land.
A large flock of turkey's lay in a field of prairie grass basking in the cool of the day. Under the comfort of a tall tree barren of it's leaves for the winter's sleep. The protection of the trees let's them enjoy the prairie grass bed for a time providing them needed rest and food in abundance around them.
Deer know the times well. When a herd of white tail bucks can leisurely graze in corn field in the late dusk of the day. Without fear from they're most dangerous predator to it's existence lingers ever watchful of their movements. To see them run jumping over fences in it's desperate attempt to flee to the protection of the stand of evergreen trees a meir one hundred yards.
February has the rare chance to bring forth one of natures most treasured of all joys. The chance emergence of new life. February doesn't often see new life come forth. With the cold winds lasting long into March.
Today brings forth that rare moment of joy to a new mother cat bring forth her first liter of kittens. Still very much a kitten herself the mother born of the natural instincts follow through as she goes on with the process.
While in a distant part of the state the cycle of life completes itself. With one life being born another is ending. There is no suffering with this death, no regrets. One is able to say goodbye. A beloved brother with family gathered to witness the final moments.
Life begins for one, young mother tending her young ever so tenderly. Another leaves with peace and surrender. Life indeed is so precious. Birds, deer, cats, people. Just a small group of inhabitants that join together in a most unusual way to embrace the season. Of love that is best known for February.
God brings life upon this world. Not always in loud shouts of hoopla. He doesn't always end life with cruelty. The joy and wonder of life is indeed unexpected and joyful. But it does promise to be memorable.

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