Monday, June 13, 2011

My Musings

The last few weeks has really been trying. So much has happened that I am still trying to make sense of it. In truth though I know there is no sense to it. Such things are not meant to be understood. It just boggles my mind to think how people in a position of trust could callously do harm to unsuspecting souls placed in they're trust. Right under the noses of those they work with.
I can't really write down those things I am trying to talk about right now. Sorry if what I say doesn't make a lot of sense now. I just need to write something about it. It's just so troubling. On top of all the other stuff my family has had to suffer these past months. It just boggles my mind how we managed to get through it. Things never seem to get better for us.
With the economic times bearing down on so many around us. It plays a big part in our present troubles. I like to keep a strong optimistic outlook on all that is going on with my family. This new turn of events really puts a different perspective on things. Broken trust once broken can never be restored. When that trust is in a person in a position of respect within a certain profession puts a different perspective on things.
you'll never look the same way at that fellow person of that same profession again.
I received an email today from a friend that lifted my spirit for a time. Good friends are like that.These are the times when we really need friends the most. The strength and encouragement of a friend when we need them most. It's really blessing to have friends there when you need them. Especially when they say just what you need to hear not knowing you needed to hear it at the time they say it to you.
Thank God For Friends

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