Thursday, November 24, 2011


Driving home the other night I had the rare opportunity to drive toward a sunset. Not often when I drive do I get to actually watch one while it's happening. This time I was able to watch it as I drove. Not constantly of course. Just keeping a eye on it while keeping my attention on the road.
It was amazing. The way it was happening was so incredible. It was as if it was set just so that whoever cared to look and watch you could see an amazing site. I first noticed it when I heading into. The clouds catching the glow of the sun just shortly after the last bit of the glow had fallen behind the horizon.
The clouds stretched themselves across the whole length of the sky. They took different patterns not straight lines, some were curved up to appear like curls. Most were streaks in layers spreading outward from the edge of the Sky on the horizon. Each layer caught the glow of the pinkish orange hue of the sunset.
Behind them the last layer was a think band that at first seemed a bit foreboding. As the light faded that foreboding gave way to calm, harmless clouds that stayed dark not letting light threw. The first star of the evening is always Venus. The brightest star to be seen while the light could still let you see everything around you. I always welcome the sight of Venus. The nearest planet to us in the heavens.  It holds the greatest mystery.
It's Venus that you can best see the darkness falling around you. The darker it gets the brighter Venus gets. One by one the other arrangement of the sky show appears around you in all their appointed places. This night thou as I continued to take notice of the sunset the stars didn't appear right away.

The light glow of the sun held on for the longest time. It spread out across the sky divided by that thick band of cloud across the sky. Both sides of it staying the same brightness. It was so strange that it would continue to glow for so long. I knew the night was taking over quickly, but as I watched it seemed to just hang on not yet willing to surrender to the darkness.
The city lights came closer ready to overtake the sky show I was watching. I must admit I wasn't ready to let it go myself. The experience was so wonderful. I just loved it for the whole time I could continue to watch it play itself out. It felt like a private show set up just for whoever cared to take the time to watch.

Nature is so amazing. Taking the time to just watch with the observers eyes you can find the best entertainment anywhere. It's so natural. So beautiful and oh so inspiring. It's priceless.  It truly is. It's one of those rare sites that comes only once. Be observant. And you can enjoy something that will stay with you for ever.
It's one of God's greatest hidden treasures. And it costs nothing but a short time in ones life to take notice of the wonders around you.  What blessing it is.


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