Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween and black cats

Halloweens stigma on black cats
Not one of my favorite days. The whole process has really gotten out of hand.  So much superstition involved in this ancient celebration. Frankenstein, Count Dracula, the wolf man and vampires, the list of things associated with evil. How did such a civilized society ever get involved in this celebration of evil?
    I know the majority of people don't see it as evil, We teach our kids the only thing about Halloween is the nightly venture into the night to visit neighbor's houses to trick or treat them. Giving them candy for rewarding them for the visit. Aside from dressing them up in costumes of whatever the current trend is. What does this have to do with Halloween.
    As a kid I went out for all the treats my bag could hold in one night. Putting on make up that looked scary just to collect my ration of goodies for the night. What does this teach our kids? Halloween? Many don't know what it really means. Or how it all got started. History channel once did a news review of this ancient celebration. Even they had trouble researching it to it's beginnings. It seems many such writings do not exist. History only goes back so far and leaves the story with no beginning.
    My real grip for this piece is the latest wave of madness sweeping the country. A very serious misguided belief in superstition centered on this month. And Halloween. For at least the last two years people have taken this unfair superstition a step to far. That is the association of witches and black cats.
    Yes we know witches are evil. As are vampires and ware wolves, mummies and the like. But cats are unfairly judged and ridiculed for this stereo type. The ridicule has lead many people to adopt black cats for the sole purpose of killing them simply because they are black.
    The stigma of evil has caused many to actually believe these animals really are evil. I don't believe these poor animals deserve the stigma that this association with Halloween has set upon them. Witches is questionable weather they are real. TV and movies has most people believing witches and vampires are real. Add to that they use the old stereo type of the black cats and witches. A recipe for disaster.  
    Cats don't deserve to be treated with such unfounded hatred. Animals have their own nature. Each is different for their own survival. Most times cats are unpredictable. The temperament is what makes them so appealing to the majority of us. We often find a place for them in our hearts and our lives.  There are so many good things one could find to say about cats.

    Why then do people seek to harm them? Because they are black? Because they are just animals and we feel superior to them.
     I'm sure the reasons are as endless as the stars themselves. I won't pretend to understand why people do the things they do. Because I don't. My anger is for the ones who unjustly persecute these animals because of the stigma of Halloween.

    I love cats. I love animals of all species. They are all special in their own unique ways. So many are being hunted to extinction all 0ver the world. In all their natural environments. There is no place on this earth where animals are safe from the cruelty of our kind.
    This world is a beautiful place so long as we remember we share it with thousands of other lifeforms on this Earth. We are the care takers of it. By Gods intention we were given the gift to care for the animals on this Earth.  If we take this literally then why have set in motion the design to be come it's ultimate destroyer?

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