Sunday, April 25, 2010

First rains

The rains do wonders for bringing in the flowers and growing the trees. There  is something  special in the first rains. The long winter's sleep needs that fresh new rains to awaken them. it seems almost magical to see those young leaves burst forth from their shells. Reaching and grabbing for the suns rays and the warmth that is in them.
The rain clouds darken while they let go of their full load of rain. so much contained in those clouds. They have traveled a great distence across those skys. The wind carrying them to collect with other clouds to join  some place in need of the life giving load they carry.
We complain about the bad weather they bring.  We are bothered when those storms turn violent. The damage so often over shadows the simple welcome  falling  of  the  much  needed  moisture.  The life  giving  water  that  is  so  vital  to  our lives. Water sustains us. Feeds us in more ways than we realize.
But for the wonder of it all we so often forget just how prescious water is.
The first rains of the new season are the most amazing. For the first new seedlings, to the flowers, grass and the like vegetation that envelops our wonderful world. We so often take it all for granted. never taking the time to see the beauty in it's awaking a sleeping world. All life on this world is connected. We all came from the hands of the one same creator.
We may give him different names. Worship in different ways. Believe in him in different ways.
But in the end there is still ONLY ONE LIVING GOD. CREATOR OF ALL THINGS.
His love abounds in the blueprints he put inside all that he created. 
Enjoy each day. Take pleasure in the newness of the spring awakening the sleeping world around us. 

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