Monday, October 4, 2010

Faith - One of Gods gifts

Often we see things differently than as others do.  Todays study was of the twelve spies who scouted the land for the people of Ireal. How differently the two groups saw things in the land of Canaan. One group saw themselves as victorious possesors of the land. Able to overcome the oppressors in one mighty attack. Crushing all opposition under they're feet. By Gods hand they could accomplish all that God had promised.

The others claimed total defeat. They saw only that the cirrent owners of the land as exceeding prosperous. Not willing to allow intruders to conquer them. They would rather tuck in they're tails and run back to Egypt and slavery than trust the God who delivered them.
Why the different views?

The remainder of the chapter of Numbers 14 shows us how a lack of faith and trust for God and all his great mercy and the miracles they saw brought about the defeat they saw. Caleb believed all that God had promised. He was ready to go forward and crush all opposition under his feet. Just to take the land God had promised.
The rest  of the people God was ready to strike down  with  great  pestilence and hardships  because  of  the  lack  of  faith.  They  denied  God  and  all  the  great  miracles he  did  for  them  since delivering them  out  of  bondage.  They  were  ready  to  return  to  that  bondage  then step forward in  faith and trust in  a  loving  God  who  delivered  them  from  captivity. 
It is a wonderful thing.  Built in a heart of love open and willing to see and accept the things that are far off as if they were already in hand. That is faith at work.
One Gods great gifts for man. 

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