Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where to find love?

Reading my devotional today I read two very interesting stories. One was patience and the other was a love story. The story was how two people from Italy separated by an ocean found each other in a church. Then it said, "Where better to find love, hope everyone can find love there." 
That started me thinking when I was writing in my journal. Church, Gods house, IS the only place to find love. God offers us LOVE full and free to ALL WHO ENTER HERE! 
Gods love full and free, given unconditionally to ALL who seek it. Pure love. The purest form of all love ever offer to anyone ever created. God holds nothing back from us once we have accepted his love into our hearts. Once we accept our lives will never be the same again. 
God love is powerful. Because it changes us forever. Opening the door of our hearts God begin to change us. Always for the better. Creating new hearts open to others in need of love. From there it becomes contagious. We start to share love with those around us. It spreads to more people who pass it on to still more. 
The power of love does return to us when we least expect it. Many couples God has brought together. Marriage. The oldest of all customs God began at creation with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. God will bring us together with the "someone we are looking for to share our lives with." 
With God we can know for a certainty that the "right" someone we are looking for will be the right choice for a lifetime of love. What God approves will be the right fit. 
One of the gifts He gives us of the gifts of the spirit is PATIENCE. 
Patience is necessary for us as is love. One of my weaknesses is that I often get to impatient waiting for people to do something, or not doing anything at all. From that comes anger. The opposite of love and patience. When I feel anger over coming me I stop right there and pray. I ask God to take away the anger and give me the patience and understanding I need to work with this person to get this task finished. 
Instantly I feel the anger leaving me and the love returns. Just that fast my temper is quelled and love helps me the rest of the day. I don't like anger dominating my heart for any length of time. Love is the answer I always seek and find whenever I turn to God in prayer. 
Patience doesn't come easily to many people. But when anger threatens to overcome the good feelings then it's time to pray for the love and patience to return. To send the anger and frustrations away. God never fails to answer heart felt desires of any sort. He always send them packing. 

LOVE AND PATIENCE. With God they go hand in hand.  

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