Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Times of Change

This summer has really been one of the worse in some time. The heat remains in the high 90's almost daily. The drought is really taking hold. The Platte river that runs through Nebraska is dry. Most summers when we get into August it drops down to a very small stream. This summer it is gone. Not one trickle to be seen for miles.
     The emails I read of the news reports is really sad. The planet is changing from all this heat. The polar ice is melting faster now than ever. Greenland seen from the bird's eye of a satellite in just four days time show how one day the snow covers the in tire land mass, in the next has melted down to the solid ground that hasn't seen the light of day sense the flood when the glaciers froze.
    What really saddens me is the animals that live in the poles. The polar bears, seals, walruses, foxes, penguins. Their habitat is melting. What will they do when there is no more snow for them to hunt, dig caves to hibernate and bear their young. They can't hunt to feed their young they will all die. It's so sad to see how all these changes so effect those who are unable to change and adapt to the changes. Zoo's can't be expected to take in the in tire species of life.
    This planet is their world too. For countless generations we have shared this world with all those other species. We intrude on their habitat with force they fight back. Just as we do when we are intruded upon. The way we now intrude has taken away whole sections clearing wide ranges of land for agriculture leaving nothing for the animals to hunt.
    This drought is really spreading. It is changing the world everywhere. A few winters ago the changes in the storms were reaching the strangest places. Dumping record amounts of snow in some of the warmest places on earth that have never seen snow. Stirring up some of the weirdest storms ever seen. It reminded me of that movie made in 2005, Day After Tomorrow.(Paramount.) In that movie everything froze over taking the in tire northern hemisphere.
    This summer is taking on a the aspect of a time when Elijah faced the heathen kings in Gods kingdom with apostasy. God plagued the land with drought for 7 years. Because the people turned from God to worship idols. He set drought upon the land to turn the people back to him. That kind of drought the world has never seen at that time.
    Where will this drought lead us?
    Some days I fear the worst for us as a people but more for all the wildlife that have no place else to go. Not able to change and adapt to the changes happening in this world. So much of it is caused by mans careless use of our resources. Pollution in the air, water, soil that seeps into everything else. Trees to have been suffering from new types of insects that burrow into them and the trees die.
   The out break of fires across the country areas that are rarely plagued with such fire hazards. The forests areas are able to regrow what was lost. Fires opens the seedlings from the trees to take root and start growing new life to replace the ones lost. We plant seedlings to help this regrowth.
   There are good sides and bad sides to every thing. In this I want to see something good come from this tragedy. The animals need help. Nature shows open eyes to the plight of the animals and the dangers facing them. They also show there is more that people can do to help change what is happening.
   Change is needed now. I just hope we can do something more than just speak of the tragedy and not do anything else. What happens to the animals will one day happen to us as well. We share this world with a vast assortment of life. Much of it intelligent in it's own way. We may not be able to speak directly with one another but we can find ways to communicate.

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