Saturday, March 6, 2010

animal talk

Watching the original Rex Harrison version today for the first time today. When I was a kid that movie was a big deal. Many people liked it. It received many awards and things. What I liked about it was the main plot. Actually talking to the animals.
We all know that's impossible. Still some progress has been made in that area. The movie Congo showed how people taught gorilla's to talk with sign language. Chimps have learned to sign with their hands and with matching pictures.
I love animals. My cats and I don't use any such thing to communicate. With us it just seems to be more of body language type. I some times know what they want by the mows and some of the other sounds they make. Their most common way to tell me when they want something is when they jump on me. Or rub up against my legs.
Simple but it is effective.

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