Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I read an article today about how good it is to have pets. I love my pets. They are such a joy to have. They're comfort and companionship is truly priceless.
From the first moment we decide to look at them when they are babies we are touched by their hapless cries and struggles to get out of the box they are in. We become taken in by them when we look into those young eyes wanting us to take them home. Once we do we begin the long process of bonding with them.
They depend on us to care for all their needs. From feeding them to getting the shots they need to stay healthy to caring for them when they get sick. In return we teach them what we want them to be for us. Our companions.
It's been asked if there will be pets in heaven.
When God created the world he gave the care of the animals to Adam. Not only did he name them all but he was given charge over them. Then the animals were not afraid of man. They trusted people to care for them, we walked with them knowing there was no need to harm man and that man would not harm them.
When sin came to the world the first animals were killed to cloth the man and his wife. God made the animals to fear us forever after. Now we must earn that trust. At a time now when we seek to take the lives of so many animals throughout the world. Is it any wonder why the need is there for the animals to fear our kind.
We have the promise that there will be a time when the world will be made new. That sin will finally see it's end. And the damage it has wrought will be cleansed forever when the cleansing fire purifies this ravaged world. When the promise is fulfilled that we will see our long lost loved ones again.
The new world could not be complete without the animals. The defense need will no longer be needed. So we can walk and run with the animals again. The pictures that have been available of this scene could not compare to how wonderful life could be then.

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